Products by G.Burzomato
TDispatchTree v1.1 - 13 July, 1999

TDispatchTree is a component specially designed for enterprise applications and anywhere analysis models have a hierarchical tree topology. It's a very O.O. component giving a new dimension on managing, hihg level, the relational databases...

TCountTable  - 21 October, 1998

TCountTable is a component descending from TTable. Like Paradox files,it allows an automatic autoincreasing field . This field isn't editable and it's impossible to erase it. That's very useful for master-detail .

TCryptFile  - 21 October, 1998

Is a simple and very fast Encrypt/Decrypt component working on registers with a 64 bits key. Because of binary management it allows encoding on any kind of files.

TFileCopy  - 21 October, 1998

Is a component designed for very fast copy of files without external, coarse calls involving the O.S. Furthermore it provides to send to the calling form (by the API SendMessage) the percentages of blocks read and written during the copy.

DbfSql32.exe v1.2 (Italian)  - 21 October, 1998

32 bits, MDI, dBase IV and Paradox Tables browser and data editor. Full SQL drived, doesn't need indexes. Allows sorting and filtering. Sorry but the base language is italian.

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