Products by Eddie Shipman
MSAgent Article and code  - 09 October, 2008

Article from Sept. 1999 Delphi Informant on using MSAgent in Delphi

IE SearchURLs  - 06 June, 2007

Based on Registry guru Jerry Honeycutt's article on MSDN, (Works in FF, too) My INF file includes searches for Google News, Google Images, Google Web, MSDN Library, Torry's, Delphi Pages, Experts-Exchange (Delphi TA), Delphi E-Lists...

Building ActiveForms with Delphi  - 01 May, 2007

Nick Hodges' article on Building ActiveForms with Delphi. Original was published a long time ago, for use in D3. Not sure if it works the same in later versions. He has allowed me to post this article here because his web site is...

ShDocVwEvents  - 19 April, 2007

This unit contains the event handler classes required for connecting to events generated by an IWebBrowser2 interface automatically. This code was initially created by Binh Ly's EventSinkImp utility, and was cleaned up for use...

TidyPas  - 27 January, 2006

Copy of TidyPas units by Jeffrey Pohlmeyer. His website, is no longer working. BTW, it is included with D8 and above. Latest version avail here:...

Regular expression parser for Delphi  - 10 November, 2005

Regular expression parser class for Delphi by Russell Libby. Fully commented.

HTML Font Sampler  - 15 October, 2005

Ever wanted to see what your fonts looked like without opening each of them in FontViewer? Well, with the HTML Font Sampler, you can print out a font sampler so you can see what each of your installed fonts look like at a glance.

Delphi Window Spy  - 14 October, 2005

Delphi Windows Spy is a clone of the great utility called Win32Spy. Gets the window class, text, and windowrect for the window under the mouse pointer. Uses WinAPI calls. D7 Source Included (can be "downsized" to other versions)

Extended IEParser  - 09 December, 2004

Extended IEParser V2 by Marc Hervais Modification of the IEParser by Per Lindsø Larsen 1) IEParser now handles Frames !!!! - 3 new events have been added : onframset, onframe, and onNoframe. - the OnFrame event returns the URL of...

Adding Hyperlinks to your forms - 01 December, 2004

Adding Hyperlinks to your forms To add a hyperlink label to your program, you don't have to use third-party controls or mess with creating a new component that you have to add to your component palette. You can do an inline inherit like shown...

FlashUI  - 05 November, 2004

Project showing Flash interaction with Delphi.

DefinedXML  - 25 October, 2004

Jeff Rafter's implementation of ObjectBinaryToXML and ObjectXMLtoBinary.

Article Files for Hotmail Delphi Style article  - 08 June, 2004

Files to accompany the article Hotmail--Delphi Style!

WebAVIs  - 19 April, 2004

AVIs for Send Files to web and recieve files from web WebSend.avi WebReceive.avi

XMLTable  - 20 December, 2002

A component to return an XML as a stream from a TDataset. It MIME's the BLOBs and returns them in a CDATA Section, except for ftMemo fields, which are returned in text format. It will also load XML from a file for use in the...

RotatingGears AVI  - 16 December, 2002

Rotating Gears AVI cropped from SQL Server MTS wizard. 40X40 pixels...

TPromptEdit  - 27 July, 2001

Hybrid TEdit that Combines Prompt Text and Edit like Intuit's Quicken and Peachtree's Accounting for Windows. Based upon the grey edit control seen at:

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