Products by Benoit Jacoby
EuroDigits  - 11 February, 1999

This nice calculator lets you convert money into Euro.

TAboutBoxDlgRnd  - 29 October, 1998

This is a round about dialog box. It allow you to put your home page link.

Active control  - 29 October, 1998

This is a pack of active components like a label, a panel, a check box and a radio button.

TBackCheck  - 29 October, 1998

This check box as the look and feel of the check box in MS backup in Windows 98.

WallPaper+ 4.0 - 29 October, 1998

Here are the features of WallPaper+ 4.0. - Place Bitmap and Jpeg file in Windows background. - Export file to an other format (Bitmap or Jpeg). - New user interface. - Active help in HTML format. - Disk space and free space...

WallPaper Swapper  - 16 July, 1998

This program can change the Windows Wallpaper after an interval time. You can use Bitmap and Jpeg files. For Delphi 3. Tested on Win 98.

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