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k3nx's Delphi Components (English)  - 28 January, 2000

Finally Source Code and making it smaller The package contains 1) KPanel - a very easy way to make a panel with a gradient, multiple different ways. 2) KSoundBtn - A regular BitBtn, but lets you add a sound file to the OnClick...

SourceSafe Quick Launch  - 10 January, 2000

SourceSafe Quick Launch - is a simple little application that sits in your systray and waits for you're command. With it you can add projects that you are working on, and select them from a menu and it will open SourceSafe to that project...

Delphi Icons v2.0 - 30 August, 1999

This is an update to Yann Cluchey's Icon Suite 1. I did not change any of the icons. All I did was create an install that lets the user choose what file type they want to have a changed icon. (see screen shot). You may have to restart before you...

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