Products by Animated Menus, Inc.
Animated Menus XP  - 31 March, 2003

Animated Menus components support menu systems of high reliability and functionality, required in professional applications. The software includes: TMainMenu2000 and TPopupMenu2000 components that enhance standard VCL components with...

ColorBo x2000 - 18 January, 2002

This component encapsulates TComboBox functionality with ability to select a color using a color menu with buttons instead of plain drop-down list. TColorBox2000 supports all features of TColorMenu200 that helps you design the menu you want....

TToolbarMenu 2000 - 19 January, 2001

This component is a convenient tool for working with toolbars and menu bars in your application. When this menu pops up, it scans the content of the form to which it belongs, and displays all encountered toolbars and menu bars as menu items. If a...

TSubMenu 2000 - 19 January, 2001

This component performs the operation opposite to that of attaching with TMenuItem2000.AttachMenu property: it enables you to select a part of an existing menu and present it as an independent menu. So, you can reuse a part of the menu in some...

TFontMenu 2000 - 19 January, 2001

This component implements a list of fonts and samples on user machine. It's very useful in graphics software and editing systems. This component requires Animated Menus.

TEditboxMenu 2000 - 19 January, 2001

TEditboxMenu2000 component provides standard context menu editor functionality in new Microsoft Office 2000 style. You can use this component as a context menu for edit controls such as edit boxes, memos, or rich editors. This component...

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