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Ttelnr  - 21 November, 2002

With this component you can search for telephone numbers on the internet and get the additional info as address. THIS COMPONENT IS ONLY FOR DUTCH USE.

Proxy Components  - 30 October, 2002

This suite contains 3 components : GpHTTPProxy.pas >> HTTP Proxy Server Socksproxy.pas >> Socks4 Proxy Server Telnetproxy.pas >> Telnet Proxy Server This suite requires components from fpiette. These are downloadable at...

Tmsn v1.0 - 13 October, 2002

Tmsn v1.0 is a suite of msn component. It includes Tmsnclient and Tmsnchat. With the client you can connect to te msn server and with the chat you can chat with the buddy. Demo also included. This components use Twsocket from Fpiette these are...

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