Products by Kire Zvezdakoski
AKZ Time Counter  - 20 July, 1999

This component is succesor from TTimer class. It's implementing time counter. Easy of use, but very usefull. On creating, KZTimeCounter automaticly starts to count. There are three methods: Reset, Stop and Continue. I think it's clear what they...

AKZ Internet Detector  - 08 July, 1999

You can easy detect internet connection with this component, something like ICQ NetDetect. There are to Events: OnConnect and OnDisconnect to make some actions. Demo project is included. Source is postcardware.

AKZ Move Panel  - 08 July, 1999

Only drop this component to your form and you can move your form dragging this panel. You can use this component in cases you decide to make some freeshape forms where is no caption bar to move form. (you can make freeshape forms with my...

A_Volume_Info  - 08 February, 1999

This component can help you to get Volume Serial Number and Volume (Drive) Name for selected drive on your computer. Just set Drive property and call Execute method. Demo project is included.

A_URL_Label  - 06 February, 1999

KZURLLabel is a small component successor from TLabel. Whit this component you are able to lunch your default web browser or mail client depending of LinkType property. Lunched program automaticly goes to address specified with URL property....

A_Color_Label  - 16 December, 1998

KZCLabel is a small component successor from Label. Whit this component you are able to make labels that change its Font color and font style where mouse is over it. Only set OnMouseFontColor and OnMouseFontStyle propertys and that's all. Demo...

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