Products by Vassily Kholopov
Edit Button V 3.1 - 20 November, 2000

This is a great edit box to allow a developer to implement any edit box using same control with easy-in-use events with ability to edit/display RTF text and detect URL s . Just replace by The Edit Button all of your Edit Boxes and get all of...

Wise Objects collection V 3.0 - 20 November, 2000

A number of usefl objects to store and quikly access data. Wise Objects collection content: TSortList to store sortable objects and its extension TIntSortList to store Longint values TSFETree, TSFETreeNode and other objects to support a...

Extended Calendar V 3.0 - 20 November, 2000

A month days grid with ability to display and easily select dates. Extended Calendar Features: Displays current month days Month and Year spin button Month and Year label Contains useful date functions 'Today' button...

Colour Grid V 3.0 - 19 November, 2000

A grid to display a simple palette and set both foreground. and background colour.

B&S Tree Grid component V 3.0 - 17 November, 2000

An extension of our TFixSelCustomGrid to display an abstract tree. Supports operations on a tree, nodes expanding/collapsing, etc. Allows many tree item attributes. Allows such special tree operations as Sorting, Filtering and Summation....

TFixSelDrawGrid collection v3.0 - 17 November, 2000

This is a great component collection to allow developer to implement very suitable in use, looking and navigating grid with ability to perform custom drawing and in-place editing with easy-in-use events and ability to edit/display RTF text and...

TMultiStateCheckBox v3.0 - 17 November, 2000

An improved TBitBtn to continually change displayed glyphs by user click. - Allows Implementation of custom check box with multiple states and signs. - Supports multiple hints for each glyph.

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