Products by Tim Sullivan
Painless Schedule 2.0 - 10 December, 2002

Painless Schedule is a powerful software scheduling application. Intuitive, easy to understand interface means you're ready to go in minutes! Track your original estimates and see how they compare to your actual time. Sort,...

The UIL Plugin Framework 6.0 - 21 November, 2001

The UIL Plugin Framework 6.0 The long awaited upgrade to the freeware UIL Plugin System is now here! This version adds unsurpassed power, flexibility and ease of use! Unlike prior versions, this one is supported.

The UIL Security System  - 30 June, 2000

The UIL Security System 2.0 Powerful End-User Security for your Delphi Applications. Features Automatically hide or disable any component (not just menus and buttons!). Works with all 3rd party components. Includes a Login...

The UIL Plugin System 5.0 - 12 September, 1999

The UIL Plugin System allows you to easily add support for plugins into your system. (Similar to Photoshop). The new 5.0 release integrates tightly with Delphi, making developing plugins as easy as designing forms! Includes a complete help file...

The UIL Merge Wizard  - 30 September, 1998

NOW ONLY $79, INCLUDING SOURCE! Fast and Powerful Mail Merge components for Delphi. Works with MS Word 95/97 and Corel WordPerfect 7/8. Includes a wizard which makes mail merge extremely easy for the end-user. Very customizable.

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