Products by Anton A. Mints
ATabControl v2.01 - 02 February, 1999

TabControl with glyph on tabs and customizable tabs and pages colors

AStringGrid  - 22 January, 1999

AStringGrid with ability to edit content in design time, save in form's DFM and restore it in runtime time when it's necessary. Teach you self by example how to create design time expert, read and write properties into DFM.

TCEOMaskEdit  - 01 July, 1998

TMaskEdit with AcceptEmpty property. It allows to accept an empty text value even if edit mask is set.

ADBCtrlGrid  - 01 July, 1998

TDBGrid with ReadOnly property added.

toBase 64 - 01 July, 1998

Function to convert ANSI into the BASE64 string

KeyExpert  - 01 July, 1998

Delphi expert with code templates and function viewer. 1. A set of templates is available to insert common programming statements into your code. Templates can be edited and added. 2. The function viewer enables you to view a list of...

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