Products by Jon Robertson
Jon's Downloader  - 23 February, 1999

Jon's Downloader is a program that performs batch HTTP or FTP downloads. I'll go to a new or favorite web site that has a lot of files I want to download but I don't have the time to manually download each file. And if I start five or...

TWebFileInfo v0.81 - 29 October, 1998

TWebFileInfo retrieves information about a product that is on the product's home page. It can be used in your application to determine if a newer version of the product exists on the home page. If a newer version is available, TWebFileInfo can...

TTaskCarInfo  - 29 October, 1998

TTaskBarInfo retrieves the current position and state of the Win32 Task Bar. TTaskBarInfo can also retrieve information about other Win32 Application Bars by modifying the WindowName property. Includes full source.

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