Products by Lajos Farkas
E.S.T. Help Author Pro  - 17 September, 2003

This product is complete help authoring tool to create the most popular help formats. All output files can be generated automatically from only one single source file without any additional modification. Supported formats: * Standard...

TmxSideBarPro v3.16 - 17 September, 2003

The TmxSideBarPro is 100% native a flexible highly configurable VCL component with added features to support the look and feel introduced in Microsoft Explorer and Office 97, 2000, XP. * Supports embedded headers * Supports all TControl...

TmxOutlookBarPro v2.60 - 03 September, 2002

TmxOutlookBarPro component is a flexible highly configurable Microsoft Outlook style sidebar system for Delphi developers. Some features: * OLE Drag&Drop Support * 100% Native VCL component * Full standard windows help file...

TmxPluginLoader v1.59 - 19 June, 2001

The ** TmxPluginLoader ** is simple VCL component to help you to add plugin support to your Delphi applications.

TmxExport Component Pack v2.36 - 19 June, 2001

The ** TmxExports ** contains 4 VCL components to help you to export tables, queries, list to 10 different file formats. It is 100% native, so it does not use any OLE/OCX controls. It can export files even the target application is not installed...

TmxOutlookBar v1.32 - 19 June, 2001

The ** TmxOutlookBar ** is simple VCL component with added features to support the look, feel, and behavior introduced in Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and new Internet Explorer. It has got many features including scrolling headers, icon...

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