Products by Melih SARICA
As400 Components All (new version)  - 21 December, 2003

No time limitation, but register for not seing the register popup. - Includes... - TAs400Connection for the main Connection to the as400 Server - Tas400LibraryList for getting library list from the Server - Tas400FileList for getting...

Sql Server Administration Tool  - 05 November, 2002

Please Add urself to the update notification list in my home page A Program Like Sql Server Enterprice manager.. Its the first version. Totaly Free... (Sorry for the zip bug.. i've fixed it) U can get all databases from the desired...

AS/400 Spooler Trial  - 31 August, 2002

A program for Reaching the Spool of an AS/400 Server system English(USA) and English(UK) language supporting and my language Turkish. What can u do with this application. 1.Get All Spool File Details (Username,Job number,Library,Device...

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