Products by Joel Jean
TSpeedListButton  - 13 September, 2001

This button provides a drop down menu functionality (IE History Button). A popup menu may be attached to the button, when cliking on the right drop drop down button, the popup menu will be displayed. Full source example included.

TUnfoldButton  - 15 March, 2000

This button provides the 'Unfolding dialog box' to the form which is using this button. This functionality is often found in Windows application... Full source example included. Update 14/02/2000 Component now offers three new...

TEllispeEdit  - 14 February, 2000

This edit box provides an ellipsis button functionality. The button which is found in the right of the edit box is descendent from TSpeedButton... Full source example included. Update 14/02/2000 Component now offer the FlatEllipse property.

TNetworkConnection  - 09 February, 2000

This simple components provides a way to determine if a machine is connected to a network or not. It works under the Banyan and NT environement. Novell was not tested but from the code implementation it most likely works. An example application is...

TProgressDialog  - 04 February, 1999

This dialog box provide a wrapper for the windows animated progress dialog box. Full source example included.

TIncrementalSearchEdit  - 04 February, 1999

This edit box provides 'Incremental Search' functionality to any object derived from TCustomListBox. Full source example included.

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