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ComputerID SDK for Win32 1.0 - 06 February, 2011

ComputerID SDK is a separate component (32-bit dynamic link library Windows *. dll), which can be used to create computer ID, to identify any computer (under Windows OS). You can use this ID in the existing system of protection to bind each...

GPLib - 26 January, 2011

GPLib - interfaced library (GPLib.dll), containing procedures and functions to (de)encryption and digital signature data in your programs. Currently library supports algorithms (symmetric) encryption: Blowfish, Twofish, IDEA, Cast 128,...

DefenceSuite 2.0 - 26 January, 2011

Defence Suite - package of components for managing licenses for developers Borlan Delphi, wanting to ensure the protection of their programs from non-authorized use. Encrypting License Generation license-file occurs on the side of the...

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