Products by Alexandre GUILLIEN
TMultiTasker v1.1 - 06 November, 2000

The TMultiTasker is designed to easily build Multi-Threaded applications. It is quite easy to use and you will find some explanations and a detailed example to understand some of the main requirements of multithreading.

TRessourceStore v1.1 - 22 October, 2000

This component allow you to add custom datas to your project (for example a .wav or a .exe). Those datas can optionally be compressed using ZLib.

THotKeyManager v1.0 - 14 November, 1999

This component allows you to easily use hot keys in your project. These hot keys are active even if your application is not active.

Hint Controls v1.1 - 01 March, 1999

These hint controls are enhanced TListBox, TDBGrid, TEdit and TDBEdit that, when the mouse goes over a clipped Text, make appear a hint to complete the Text. The most useful is the THDBGrid.

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