Products by Michael Kochiashvili
Running label  - 01 November, 2004

Running text label with 3D characters. Source and demo included.

Range slider  - 01 November, 2004

Delphi component for selecting range between Min and Max values. Demo included.

HTML parse unit v1.0 - 01 November, 2004

This unit allows you to parse HTML code, extract HTML elements and NAME=Value pairs. Unit contains THtmlParser class and 3 functions

Delphi crossword components  - 01 November, 2004

Delphi components for creation of crossword puzzle solvers, compilers, designers and much more, all that your imagination will allow to you.

Analog clock  - 01 November, 2004

Component for tracking the time in your Delphi applications. With TClock, you can change the color of the clock's hands, its background, or set the time to run independent of the system time. Source and demo included.

Java editor v1.12 - 24 October, 2000

Java editor allows you to edit java code, compile, view errors, run application or applet and much more.

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