Products by Lloyd Kinsella
Workshell Registry Control Pack  - 02 August, 2001

Workshell Registry Control Pack contains the first complete controls to encapsulate full graphical access to the Windows Registry with accompanying routines to read and write an array of data. Workshell Registry Control Pack comprises of four...

Star Trek LCARS Component Pack  - 30 July, 2001

The Star Trek components pack allows you to create programs with the infamous LCARS computer interface look and feel with minimum effort.

Shell Dialogs Pack  - 30 July, 2001

The Shell Dialogs pack allows you to use a few of Microsoft's dialogs it used throughout Windows. Routines exist to call these dialogs up, but alas Microsoft chose not to tell people about them. Our VCL wrappers of these dialogs allow you to...

TFileDropper  - 30 July, 2001

TFileDropper is a component wrapper for the WM_DROPFILES message sent to a window when you drag and drop files from Windows Explorer. TFileDropper works by hoarding the WindowProc (see Windows API References) from the target control you...

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