Products by Viktoras M.
TSavedForm  - 07 August, 2009

TSavedForm is used to save window position, size and state set by the user in the ini file. Either default ini file defined by .IniFile property or saving/loading methods can be used. Settings are saved for different screen resolutions, so there's...

TFlatMenu v1.0 - 18 January, 2002

Specially designed to suit FlatStyle components (available at, this component is not actually a menu component; it just provides AdvancedCustomPaint and MeasureItem events for TMenu descendants: TMainMenu and TPopupMenu. It...

TcrDesignGrid v0.6 - 05 September, 2001

A grid with extended drawing, text display and wider event list. Designed specially for our new application, CroswMaker (crossword authoring tool) as a pattern of main editor (CroswMaker is available in our homepage for free, too). Descends...

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