Products by Vijendra Kumar H.
TNetwork.Zip  - 26 October, 1999

This component i) Retrieves all the Network Machine Names from the given domain. If the user don't specify the domain name, it will be taken from the default domain (i.e. the domain to which the machine is connected) ii) Retrieves all Domain...

BFolder  - 27 August, 1998

Implementing the SHBrowseForFolder Windows API  - 11 August, 1998

This component adjusts the form size according to the taskbar position. i.e. the form size will be adjusted in the remaining space excluding the taskbar. No special coding needed.

Resizing Component for Delphi (Ver 1,2 and 3)  - 06 July, 1998

This component keeps the child controls of the form proportionally resized independent of the screen resolution.

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