Products by Ronald Tilcen
Pinguin Player v.5.1 - 05 March, 2002

I hope I snapped up all bugs from previous version :) [ source ] application source + version remarks [ help ] help file for current version [ minipack ] executable + examples ( size=210KB ; requeres Delphi packages,...

Pinguin Player v.5.0 - 28 January, 2002

It is an audio player (application) which supports all installed and registered audio types. That means if user have installed, for example, MPEG decoder, he will be able to listen to MP3 format audio files. It is designed to play and...

TPlayer v.1.3_1 - 10 December, 2001

An audio player (basic component for a player application) which supports all Windows(r) registered audio file extensions (uses DirectShow interfaces). Features: two volume controllers (DirectSound and standart WaveOut), position-bar,...

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