Products by Edwin Brouwers
RxTranslator  - 19 February, 2003

Having trouble creating multi language programs ? Or just not satisfied with the Integrated Translation Environment (Borland's ITE) ? This component will help you ease your mind. You WILL need to have RxLib installed...

TCCheckGroup  - 12 February, 2003

TCCheckGroup adds a checkbox to the popular TCGroupBox component. For details on the TCGroupBox see:

TCGroupBo x - 11 February, 2003

Have you ever noticed that the Windows (and Borland's) GroupBox has this little problem when putting it on an image or panel that has a different color than your GroupBox ? Right ! The top part should be transparent. I've corrected this...

THintWnd  - 21 January, 2003

With THintWnd you can customize the way your hint windows look. Next to setting any color for background, border and text you can also choose between 3 different kind of shapes for the hintwindows: Rect , RoundRect and Elliptic .

TGradient 1.2 - 30 October, 2002

Standard "Gradient" component, as used by many setup programs. You can set any 2 colors, the amount of steps (2~255) and filling direction. 100% free; includes source code

Colored Components  - 26 October, 2002

This is a demo program of TCBtn of the soon to be released Colored Package. Package contains: TCBtn TCPanel TCBevel TCGroupBox TCDBGroupBox

TLed  - 13 October, 2002

TLed displays a led-like image with a text-label next to it (left/right/top or bottom). The control works like an ordinary TCheckBox. What makes it special is the other 9 components included in the package: TCustomLed, TRadioLed,...

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