Products by Denys Khanzhyyev
XDenSer Text Completion Component v 1.0b 5 - 10 May, 2003

TxdsTXComplect when attached to any TCustomEdit descendant (TEdit, TMemo, TDBEdit, TDBMemo) watches user input in attached edit control and searches for the word the user entering so it is not necessary for user to enter whole word, text...

XDenSer HTTP Server Components Pack v1.1b 3.1 - 10 May, 2003

With XDenSer HTTP Server Components Pack you can easily create a standalone HTTP server w/o any HTML coding. Just put TxdsHTTPServer component and TxdsFormContentProducer on your form, create 1 HTTPAction Item and your form is turned into web form...

TxdsHTTPShareForm v1.0b 6 - 10 May, 2003

TxdsHTTPShareForm turns your application into HTTP server. You can share your Form with TxdsHTTPShareForm or entire Desktop on the Net. You can use URL: http:// : to access your shared Form or Desktop. The browser passes user mouse clicks...

Vis_dens plug-in for WinAmp  - 21 February, 2002

Winamp visualisation plug-in source sample. Tested on Delphi 4, must work in any.

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