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TaskBar v1.1 - 06 August, 1999

TaskBar Panel for MDI-child windows, inherited from TToolBar. Added some useful functions. Exe-demo from Homepage.

X-Baloon  - 06 August, 1999

X-Baloon - help message like Hint. It can be very useful to processing OnSeriesClick of TChart. Exe-demo from Homepage

Rotated Bitmap  - 05 August, 1999

Extended TImage with flip and rotate functions. Exe-demo available from Homepage.

Mailslot v1.4 - 05 August, 1999

For data exchange over local Networks. Exe-demo from Homepage.

How to Modify System Menu  - 05 August, 1999

Sample showing how to modify the system menu of Form (change, delete, add new items in menu). + Example of showing the ShellAbout dialogue (as in standard Windows programs). Exe-demo available from Homepage

How to 'hack' Windows passwords  - 05 August, 1999

This program shows cached passwords using standard (but undocumented) Windows API on local machine for current user (user must be logged in). Does not work on WinNT. Exe-demo available from Homepage.

FormHelp v2.7.1 - 05 August, 1999

With help of TFormHelp component for Delphi 3/4 and C++ Builder 4 you can easely build necessary popup-help for your application directly in design-time without bother of the bulky .hlp files! * By creating of help-prompt you waste the...

Flame Effect v1.5 - 05 August, 1999

Flame on a background picture. A most beautiful component. Exe-demo available from Homepage.

DateTime Calculator v1.1 - 05 August, 1999

Component for calculation of amount of years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and miliseconds past between two time intervals. Exe-demo available from Homepage

CRC Calculator v2.0 - 05 August, 1999

This unit (not component) provides three speed-optimized functions to compute (or continue computation of) a Cyclic Redundency Check (CRC). Applicable to XModem protocol (16-bit CRC), SEA's "ARC" utility, PKZip (32-bit CRC) and many others...

Blind Guardian v1.1 - 05 August, 1999

Protection of the Shareware programs against illegal copying and set up the trial period. Exe-demo available from Homepage

AutoRunner  - 05 August, 1999

If you drop this component onto your main form and set up necessary properties, the program will be automatically loaded after each restarting of the computer. Exe-demo available from Homepage.

OnlineIP  - 22 June, 1999

This component determines online status of the computer and returns current IP address of local computer. Can be used as ICQ NetDetect. Exe-demo available from Homepage

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