Products by Craig Manley
TRxNumComboEdit v1.00 - 14 March, 2000

This component descends from TCustomNumEdit (in RxLib) and publishes all the necessary properties so that a new control is formed that can be used for editing numeric values with a clickable button in the edit control.

TRxCalcEditDlg v1.00 - 14 March, 2000

This is a dialog component that uses the RxCalcEdit control from RxLib for editing numbers. When shown, this dialog centers itself over the bounding rect of it's owner if possible otherwise over the desktop working area. Also included in this...

TDBIBGenID v1.03 - 12 March, 2000

This component uses the BDE to get a generated ID from an Interbase database and place it in the linked field when a new record is inserted. When the attached dataset is not in insert mode then the current value of the linked field is...

TOdometer v1.01 - 09 March, 2000

This component is a simulation of an odometer. It can be configured to display cardinal decimal, hexadecimal, or binary values. It optionally animates the rolling of the digits (synchronously or asynchronously). The number of digits displayed can...

TDropFileEdit and TDropFileListBo x - 08 July, 1999

TDropFileEdit is a TCustomEdit descendent that implements the ability to accept single files/folders that are dropped onto it. When a file is dropped onto it then an OnDropFile event is triggered containing the filename as one of the parameters....

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