Products by Anton Karpenko
TumStringer v1.1 - 15 January, 2000

The TumStringer component is intended for replacing of the string values in the components being used in the current designed project. Very useful for reducing the size of the strings resources of the developing...

antPanels components set  - 07 September, 1999

Two handy components - panels with additional abilities: TantMovablePanel - panel with abilities to move on the form. Pretty looked if programmer put on this panel the application settings and make the popup effect (See exe-demo from...

antUnits set  - 07 September, 1999

Units for any cases...

antLabels components set  - 05 September, 1999

Two components - ornament usual TLabel: TantLabel - Enhanced TLabel, active at run-time with a lots of effects. TantAngleLabel - Enhanced TLabel for text output in any angles.

antTaskbar components  - 05 September, 1999

There is only one component now. TantTaskbarIcon - component for manipulating an Icon in System Tray.

umEdit components set  - 04 September, 1999

Three components, improved from standard TEdit component: TumEdit - looks like standard TEdit component but have 'Alignment' property, due to which the text can be levelled on edges or on centre of...

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