Products by Kambiz R. Khojasteh
TRotateImage v1.52 - 01 May, 2006

This component is similar to TImage component, in addition that it can show the image rotated at an arbitrary angle.

TPicShow & TDBPicShow 4.03 - 27 April, 2006

TPicShow is a fast image slider control with 171 transitional effects in pure Delphi code. The main features of PicShow are: Image transition can be controlled by code Image can be stretched or centered in the client area of the control...

TSunTime 1.05 - 16 April, 2006

TSunTime is a non-visual component to calculate times of sunrise, sunset, and solar noon for a specific location on a specific date.

TAnimateImage v1.01 - 16 April, 2006

TAnimateImage is a windowed control for displaying images of a TImageList on a form. You need just to assign an ImageList component to its Images property and set the FrameIndex property to index of the image you want to display....

Wave Audio Package v1.63 - 16 April, 2006

The Wave Audio Package provides seven components for playing and recording of wave audio formats, two components for storing wave data as Delphi resources, one audio mixer component, and one high resolution multimedia timer ....

TTextFader v1.23 - 16 April, 2006

If you would like to display text containing multiple lines on the screen and there is not enough room, TTextFader is your solution. This component shows lines one by one each fading into the next. This component also let you to define a...

TTextAnimator v1.41 - 16 April, 2006

This component is a simple text animator based on NervousText applet from Sun Microsystems. Some features of this component are: Animates text caption with four different styles Animates color of the text Supports transparent...

TSysImageList v1.41 - 16 April, 2006

TSysImageList is a read-only descendent of TImageList containing the icons that Microsoft Windows uses them internally. By using this component you can easily find the associated icon for any file, folder, special folder, or even URL.

TStatusBarPro v1.74 - 16 April, 2006

TStatusBarPro is an improved version of Delphi's TStatusBar. Each status panel in this status bar can have its own color, font, indent, image, hint, popup menu, click event and double click event. The size of each panel can be adjusted...

TSimpleGraph 2.61 - 16 April, 2006

TSimpleGraph is a visual component, which provides a simple user interface for drawing graphs. The control and its graph objects are fully customizable in the way that let you create almost any kind of graphs. Currently the control has seven...

TPrintPreview 4.64 - 16 April, 2006

TPrintPreview is a descendent of TScrollBox and has properties of both TScrollBox control and TPrinter class. The main features of TPrintPreview are: Supports all mapping modes Automatically adjusts printer's paper size and orientation at...

TGradient 2.60 - 16 April, 2006

This component is an extremely fast gradient fill control. It has 23 built-in fill styles and provides an event to create easily custom gradients. In addition, TGradient can shift and rotate the gradient colors.

TFindFile v3.51 - 16 April, 2006

This component searches directory tree for files or folders. Some features of TFindFile are: Can find files by their name, location, size, creation date and time, last modified date and time, last access date and time, and content....

Office Assistant Package v3.35 - 16 April, 2006

The Office Assistant Package provides an animated assistant manager similar to the Microsoft Office Assistant (or Microsoft Agent). The package contains also standard dialogs (balloon shape) like message boxes, hints, tips, and search. The...

TCursorView v1.01 - 05 April, 2003

TCursorView is a windowed control for displaying a static or animated cursor on a form. The control uses standard STATIC class of Windows API to show and animate the cursor.

TSmoothShow v2.02 - 04 May, 2002

TSmoothShow is a non-visual component. This component can be used to resize and move a windowed control by drawing an animated frame.

TBiDiDBNavigator v1.10 - 01 January, 2002

This component has the same function of TDBNavigator with the following improvements: Each button of the navigator can have its own custom glyph Supports Middle East languages by offering BiDiMode and ParentBiDiMode properties

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