Products by Branko Dimitrijevic
Branko's Math Interpreter  - 15 October, 2000

This shareware package of native Delphi VCL components implements flexible run-time mathematical expression parser and evaluator. Key features: All standard operators including relational, Boolean, bitwise and string. More then 70...

Branko's Database Components  - 28 April, 2000

Database sorting, searching and filtering . TDBFilterGrid is easy to use, yet powerful filter-expression builder. TDBGridTitleSort - Click on the title of TDBGrid to sort underlying data set. TDBSortComboBox - Pick desired...

Branko's Conversion Components  - 19 December, 1999

BConvert is a small freeware package of Delphi components for number conversion to text (words) or Roman notation. Contains some basic support for different languages. Full source code, context-sensitive help and example project are included....

Branko's Utility Components v1.2 - 05 December, 1999

BUtil package contains freeware utility Delphi components. Full source code, context-sensitive help and example projects are provided in download archive. Only Instance Component (TOnlyInstance) - Check if program is started more then once....

Branko's Rich Text Formatting Components v1.2 - 05 December, 1999

A free Delphi controls that bind directly to TRichEdit and automate formatting of text within it. There are: bold, italic, underline, strikeout, align (left, right and center) and bullet buttons. These components are also database aware and work...

Branko's BShared Package  - 23 October, 1999

A BShared package doesn't contain components, just useful procedures and functions.

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