Products by Alexnaldo Santos
Nuca Plugin  - 21 January, 2003

Nuca Plugin is a component Interface Framework that give you flexible 'Manager' to administrate your Plugins in Applications. It's understand your Plugins by 'Services', so you can load many new functionalities without recompile your main...

Nuca Outlook Plugin  - 04 September, 2002

This plugin show how to load a form and put It in one panel like outlook. note: It need Nuca Plugin Framework If you need Plugin Interface in your application you must use Nuca Plugin Framework go to site to read more about Nuca Plugin...

Nuca WebServer Plugin D 6 - 14 August, 2002

It's a plugin to develope a WebServer application using Nuca Plugin and IdRunner. See screenshot. support: ISAPI, CGI Need : Indy Indy component( D6 have it ). IdRunner v2.0 ISAPI/CGI component. Nuca Plugin The component...

Nuca News Plugin  - 31 July, 2002

It's an example how to use Nuca Plugin to connect to your site and download a file and display it like a 'News' information. See screenshot ! ALL SOURCE INCLUDED. It's need Nuca Plugin. You will like it.

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