Products by david Simon
Phone Tone Decoder v3.3 - 24 August, 2006

PhoneTone Decoder Control is not an end-user application program but a programming component for beginning to advanced developers. Component Features Advanced Custom Tones Monitoring Decode DTMF from wave file, wave stream or wave/in...

TAPIEx ActiveX Control 3.4 - 24 August, 2006

Telephony programming component(ActiveX Control), support multi-lines, multi-calls per line, help you build you IVR system in few minutes. You can easily add the ability to do screen pops utilizing Caller ID, dial from within a database...

ToneEncoder Active X - 28 December, 2004

ToneEncoder is the high performance, professional, stable and easy to used ActiveX Control to encode variant of tone signals. Component Features: Encode DTMF touch-tone Encode 1200 bps FSK Caller ID signal(SDMF,MDMF) Encode TTY...

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