Products by Robert Jones
TSkReg 3.0 - 04 September, 2000

TSKReg is a Delphi component that can handle most if not all the details for the registering of your shareware application. You only need to set a few properties and go. It eases the task of generating a valid registration code,...

TSkEasterEgg  - 02 December, 1999

TSkEasterEgg is a non-visual component that makes it easier to add an easter egg to your latest and greatest app. Just set a few properties, set the forms KeyPreview property to TRUE and call your easter egg code in the OnEgg event. Have fun !

CodeBank 2.42 - 22 November, 1999

CodeBank is a Freeware application that acts as a database to keep your various code fragments. Edit, add, delete codecategories, auto-save, import other CodeBank files, multi-language capable and many other features. Now can read your...

SkComboHint  - 14 July, 1999

SkComboHint is a TComboBox descendent that when in dropdown mode will display a hint for highlighted strings that are longer than the width of the ComboBox.

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