Products by Johannes Teitge
TCSVReader  - 24 March, 2008

Import of CSV Files with some additional properties. - Comma Delimiter - Quote Char - Handling Blanks - Copy to StringGrid - Access to each Element - Events to change Data during Process - Import from Filename or from String...

TMMColorBox, TMMColorButton, TMMColorDialog  - 21 November, 2005

Colorselection like Dreamweaver: - Color Cube - Linear Colors - Windows Colors - Mac Colors - Gray Colors - Desktopcolors picker with Zoom - Different sizes of the Colorbox - Different sizes of Zoombox (new) Very easy to use!

TseCSSParser  - 17 July, 2004

CSSParser gives you an CSS-Style in a flexible Class-Structure. Needed to read values of CSS in your App. For more Infos try the Demo-Application.

TMailParser 2000 - 04 May, 2003

Mailparser2000 is a full replacement of TIMGParser2000. It comes up with many new functions. 1. About 300-1000 times faster than TIMGParser2000. A HTML-Page with 10kB is parsed in about 0.5 seconds. 2. Modifiy Links with "CID:" to...

TColorSelector, TColorCircle  - 01 May, 2003

New Graphicsproject! 1. TColorSelector 2. TColorCircle (First Beta) (See Screenshot for more details.) (Including Demo-EXE)

ToscFTPDialog v1.0 - 17 November, 2002

oscFTPDialog is a component to select Directories and Files via FTP with some additional function. Important: At the moment you need some additional components! See readme.txt

TIMGParser  - 11 October, 2002

Additional Component to TMail2000 (Including in Zip-File). With TIMGParser you can Parse your HTML-Mail and attach Images from IMG-Tags as CID into Mail. Now support to TMail2002 1.10.3

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