Products by Simon Getovski
TMyDBLookup v1.0 - 21 November, 2002

The TMyDBLookup component provides your end-users with the ability to enter, edit or select a value for a field from a drop-down list of values that is populated from a second lookup table. It greatly expanding upon the capabilities of Delphi's...

TMyDBGridExt v1.0 - 21 November, 2002

The component represents a TDBGrid that displays a hierarchical recordsets. Hierarchical recordsets let you represent complex relationships in a hierarchical fashion (like a treeview).

TMyADOTools v1.0 - 21 November, 2002

ADO doesn't directly expose a method for compacting an Access database. Using the TMyADOTools non-visual component, you can compact databases, refresh data from the cache, and create and maintain replicated databases.

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