Products by Shadow_tj .
OpenGl Panel  - 05 August, 2005

A basic component for opengl programming. Source included.. if you looking for tutorials and sampels then take a look on my website

TZLibCompression  - 06 July, 2005

With this component you can compress and extract files with Zlib compression.

TRegistryUse  - 06 July, 2005

With this component you can read and write the windows Registry and a find to check if a key exists.

Tic Tac Toe  - 23 May, 2005

Sample for Tic Tac Toe game. Source inculded as always.

TSelectDirectoryDialog  - 09 March, 2005

This is yust like a open dialog, only with this component you can select directories.

Xbox Info  - 28 January, 2005

With this component you can get xbe info from a xbox game. this info is critical for making a xbox emulator.

TLinklabel  - 28 January, 2005

This is a normal label with a link to ie function. you can place a normal label with a caption an when pressing the label internet explorer will popup and show the link wich you included into the label.

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