Products by Phung Tien Duong
FloatingWindow  - 22 December, 2011

It is descendant of TCustomPanel. You can: - Drag on its title bar or client area. - Set title bar on the left (only for truetype font) - Show/Hide buttons on title bar - Expand/Shrink window New properties: - AutoExpand, if true,...

FocusLabel  - 22 December, 2011

It's useful for input data form. It descends from TLabel. When a TWinControl that assigned to FocusControl property get focus, FocusLabel will change its background color and font color, so you can see easily what control is getting focus.

TTntDBNavigator  - 26 September, 2011

Support unicode for Hints property using Tnt library

TTntToolBar  - 26 September, 2011

TTntToolbar and TTntToolButton support unicode Modified from UniTntCtrls written by Gabriel Corneanu, and based on Tnt library

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