Products by K. Nishita
Nishita's PDF Creation VCL  - 03 March, 2002

Nishita's PDF Creation VCL (TNPDF) is a Delphi Native VCL to create Adobe Acrobat PDF Files which works like Delphi's TPrinter. This VCL was tested on D1, D2, D4. It should work on D3 and D5. This new version added file compression with ZLIB.

Nishita Ad Banner Plug-In  - 11 March, 2000

This DLL allows you to run your Internet Sponsor's Banner Ads from your application and launch browser like Netscape or IE to send your users to your sponsor's web site when they click the ad. This is very similar to the get paid by surfing web...

Nishita Delphi Control to RTF  - 11 March, 2000

This component convert Delphi grid, edit, listbox, memo, and label to Rich Text Format which you can open by using MS Word or Wordpad.

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