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Picture Motion--Avoid The Flicker - 27 November, 2000

Introduction This article explains some of the concepts of double buffering, which is used to prevent flicker when drawing onto the screen. It includes Delphi code to show how to implement some of the theories. Overview This example...

Scientific Calculator  - 16 August, 2000

At last a scientific calculator with features that Microsoft couldn't achieved yet.With free source code. 1.Function Drawing : Just type the function to draw and then press ENTER. 2. Number Conversion : It converts even fractional numbers from...

DBDeftEdit  - 19 June, 2000

Advanced Version of DBUpcaseEdit with properties like Alignment,WordWrap,MultiLine,ExitOnReturn;

TDeftEdit  - 19 June, 2000

Advanced Version of UpcaseEdit with properties like Alignment,WordWrap,MultiLine,ExitOnReturn,Mode(Integer,Currency,Real,All);

CodePro  - 25 May, 2000

CodePro contains 2054 lines of pure sophisticated Delphi Code ranging from hardware detection to phone dialing.

EditUpCase  - 29 March, 2000

UpcaseEdit Upcases First Character of input word,supports Turkish characters, as safe as Borland's original components. Similiar to DBUpCaseEdit.

DBUpCaseEdit  - 23 March, 2000

DBUpCaseEdit is a component that UpCases first Character of the input words,supports Turkish characters, as safe as Borland's original component.

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