Products by Dmitry Koudryavtsev
TJsFrExcelExport 1.0 pre 3 - 27 April, 2004

Juliasoft ExcelExport - Advanced Excel Export Filter for FastReport - Fast and simple TDataSet export (to Excel) component Features - 99% WYSIWYG :) - Excel or Excel libraries/dlls not...

Frp Viewer  - 01 July, 2003

View, Print, Edit and Export to Excel FastReport frp files

Clarion Toolkit v1.16 - 30 June, 2003

Components set for Clarion v2.X tables r/o access. Features: Encrypted tables support (with password recovering) Fast and smart cache-cursor Clarion arrays support Firebird (Interbase 6) support Application-level...

TJsNullStream  - 31 July, 2002

"Black hole" :) for your data - Null stream always have zero position and size - Writing always successed, but reading will raise exception

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