- 12 Years of comprehensive Delphi Expierience

    Objective: To inspire and produce through software technology.
    13 Years of Professional Programming Experience; a lifetime of study
    12 Years professional experience with major Delphi/Object Pascal applications.
    Delphi Multi-threaded, distributed, mission-critical TCP/IP Servers
    Delphi COM objects, Windows NT Services, ISAPI DLLs
    Created and marketed a multi-threaded heap manager that allows multi-processor scaling in heap-intensive environments -- relied upon by over 300 companies.
    13 years of relational database design and programming experience
    Additional Experience working with old-school and new-school programming technologies including C, C++, Assembler, and C#
    Experience communicating with overseas development teams and integrating with 3rd party partners
    Delphi Experience covering 1.0 (16-bit), 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 7.0, 2006, 2007, and Kylix (Delphi for Linux) 1.0, 2.0

    Professional skills:
    Extensive experience with Object Oriented Object Pascal designs
    Ability to program in virtually any language and platform
    Complete Language Experience: Delphi/Object Pascal, Embedded C, Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, Flash, Visual Basic (ASP and Visual Test), PHP, Older BASIC flavors, Assembler (Zilog Z8 and Intel).
    SQL Experience: MySQL, MSSQL, some exposure to Oracle, Self-built SQL Servers, Paradox, MSDE/Access
    Experience with Unified Modeling Language and the Rational Unified Process (RUP)
    Database design and modeling experience.
    Windows, Linux, and Portable device programming experience (C# .Net Compact)
    Embedded systems programming in C and ASM, including sensor data collection, LCD displays, Ethernet, and firmware upgrades via Ethernet.
    Extensive experience building compiled multi-threaded TCP/IP servers, optimizations across multiple processor cores, and advanced object-oriented multi-threaded designs.
    Some Experience with DirectX, Direct3D, DirectSound (Microsoft Visual C++)

    Work Experience:
    2007-present Focus Enhancements Fridley, MN
    Position: Software Engineer/Windows Driver Developer
    Responsible for developing and maintaining drivers for PCI Video Decoder boards for Windows used by the Digital Signage Industry.
    Made significant contributions to a distributed application used for managing thousands of remote video players (C# .Net).
    Leveraged my extensive knowledge of TCP/IP programming networking to overhaul existing network code with new modern foundations.
    Integrated new OEM Video Player products into the digital sign management system.

    2004-2007 PA Interactive, LLC Bloomington, MN
    Position: Partner - Software Development and Information Technology

    Partner in charge of all software development and information technology
    A pioneer in Internet-enabled athletic and fitness equipment.
    Completed 5 major embedded systems projects as well as two generations of an integrated scalable web application in just 3 years of the company’s formation with extremely limited resources.
    Responsibilities beginning with initial requirements phase through implementation, testing, deployment, datacenter and database administration, and maintenance.
    Worked with electrical engineers on circuit board design requirements and revisions.
    Responsible for building and maintaining company IT infrastructure including collocated servers, VPN tunnels, Web servers, File Servers, Email, Firewalls, Security, and installed software.
    Took over coding responsibility for a 3rd party, 3D Athletic Training game and brought it to release status.
    Responsible for providing on and off-site consulting services to customers’ network administrators; addressing firewall, content filtering, and security concerns with products.
    Took company sales and marketing website from conception to completion to deployment. Included an online shopping system, shipping cost calculator (XML integration with UPS), credit card processing (Authorize.net integration), product marketing information, and marketing videos.

    2004-2007 Digital Tundra LLC Bloomington, MN
    Position: Founder
    Founded Digital Tundra LLC to develop memory managers that maximize performance on multi-processor/multi-core machines for Delphi application developers.
    Has been relied upon by over 300 International Companies, Universities, and Government Organizations.

    1997-2004 PLATO Learning, Inc. Bloomington, MN
    Position: Systems Developer – Programmer Analyst II

    A leader in the development of the “PLATO Web Learning Network”, a Delphi web application that continues to serve over 2.5 Million hits daily.
    Recognized as the most valuable developer in the year 2000 for my contributions towards the “PLATO Web Learning Network”
    Played a key role in stabilizing company’s 16-bit Delphi management system
    Played a key role in transitioning the company’s software products from 16-bit to 32-bit windows.
    Proved a natural leader early on by taking the reins designing a new foundation for future PLATO client-server management systems.
    Integrated code with several acquired companies, partners, and overseas contractors.

    1996 Howard Systems International Bloomington, MN
    Position: Programmer/ Consultant
    Assisted a fortune 500 company with transitioning mainframe programmers into Windows programmers.

    1995-1996 ALT-KIE Computer Consultants, Inc. Bloomington, MN
    Position: Programmer


    1995 Stephen Hempstead High School Dubuque, IA
    Graduated with Honors

    2000 St. Thomas University St. Paul, MN
    Attended a graduate-level class with corporate sponsorship

    Volunteer Experience:

    2008 Rock the Cause St. Paul, MN
    Volunteer Board Member/Technology Advisor

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