- Belgian Senior Delphi Pascal and Hardware developer

    Programming languages :
    Delphi version 1 to 2006 (12 years +)
    Lazarus/FPC (2 year)
    VB version 2 to 6 (6 years)
    Win Assembler (3 years)
    DOS Assembler (8 years)
    Turbo Pascal (12 years +)

    OS :
    Windows version 2 to XP, DOS 2 to 7, Novell, Linux, WinCE

    Database :
    MySQL, MSSQL, DBase, FoxPro, Paradox, Oracle, Access
    (and interaction with Delphi and FPC)

    Web languages :
    HTML, PHP, a little of JavaScript and Perl

    Take a look at references on my web site at www.bajc.be

    You can contact Benoit Claisse via this form

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