- CEO Marketer Delphi expert

    KARPOLAN's Resume Address:Ozerna 30/51, 157, Kiev 04209, UKRAINE.
    Phone:+38 (093) 394-48-15

    Languages English, Russian, Ukrainian. Professional experience

    05/2006 - current time: Company "AQUATRA"

    Software development and distribution.

    • Position: CEO. Company founder.
    • Work: Marketing strategy. Software development. WEB design.
    • Remote Desktop Control - remote computer access.
    • Backup Expert - backing up software.
    • DVD Blaster - disc burning software.
    • MP3 Tag Editor - audio file tags editor.

    03/2000 - 04/2006: Company "ABF software, Inc."

    End user software development, Development of components for Borland Delphi/C++ Builder, WEB design, IT Outsourcing.

    • Position: CEO. Company co-founder.
    • Work: Company management and marketing strategy. Software and hardware solutions. Development of applications and components. Support service. Tech writing. WEB design.
    • Tools: Delphi, C++ Builder, HTML, Perl, Java, PHP, ASP.
    • System: Windows 95x/NT/2000/XP/2003, Linux, FreeBSD.

    07/1999 - 01/2004: Company "UtilMind Solutions"

    Development of components for Borland Delphi/C++ Builder, CGI scripts.

    • Position: Software developer. Company co-founder.
    • Work: Company management. Support service. Tech writing.
    • Tools: Delphi, C++ Builder, C/C++, Perl, HTML/DHTML.
    • System: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, Linux.

    09/1999 - 03/2000: Company "puterSoft.Com, Inc."

    Development of business applications and business components for Borland Delphi/C++ Builder.

    • Position: Software developer. Hardware specialist.
    • Work: Development of applications, components and special utilities. WEB and style design. Hardware and network support.
    • Tools: Delphi, C++ Builder, HTML/DHTML.
    • System: Windows 9x/NT/2000.

    10/1998 - 05/1999: Company "Craft", Kiev, Ukraine.

    Localization of computer games

    • Position: Software developer.
    • Work: Lead Programming. Localization of computer games. Development of tools and utilities for software localization.
    • Tools: Delphi, Visual C++, Watcom C/C++, Open GL, DirectX.
    • System: Windows 9x/NT, Sony Playstation system.

    06/1997 - 09/1998: Russian-Ukrainian Company "BIP Ltd."

    Computers and hardware selling

    • Position: Technical director.
    • Work: Management of computer manufacturing department. Technical support. Development of special economic programs, reports and other printable stuff.
    • Tools: SQL, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic, C/C++.
    • System: Windows 9x/NT, Linux, InterBase SQL Server.

    05/1995 - 04/1997: Commercial Bank "Demetra PLUS"

    Currency exchange department

    • Position: Software developer and technical supervisor.
    • Work: Development of "AObmen" - a currency exchange automation system (Certified in National Bank of Ukraine). Design and development of special utilities for the currency exchange and other business routines. Computers and hardware technical support.
    • Tools: Borland Pascal 7.0 with TurboVision, FoxPro 2.0-2.5, Delphi.
    • System: MS-DOS 5.0-6.22, Windows 3.11

    09/1994 - 05/1995: Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI).

    Faculty of Aero-Space Systems

    • Position: Laboratory assistant.
    Additional professional skills
    • Technologies: Visual component programming, Object oriented programming, DHTML, CGI, SQL, Client Server, COM/DCOM, CORBA, ActiveX, DirectX, Open GL, and many other terrible words and abbreviations :)
    • Operating systems: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003, UNIX/Linux, MS-DOS.
    • Programming tools: Delphi, Object Pascal, C/C++, Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, Perl, Java, ASM.
    • SQL servers: MS SQL Server, MySQL, InterBase.
    • Software tools: Microsoft Office, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, Autocad, 3d MAX, HomeSite, Dreamweaver, Sound Forge.
    • Network protocols: TCP/IP, IPX.
    • Hardware architectures: ZX80, PC XT - Pentium X.

    1994 - 2000: National Technical University of Ukraine - "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" (KPI)

    • Faculty: Aero-Space Systems.
    • Bachelor of Metrology and Gauging Equipment.
    • Master of Electronics (unfinished).

    1984 - 1994: School #170, Kiev, Ukraine.

    Hobby Programming, computer games, new technologies, aero-modeling, fishing.

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