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    S. No. 35/2, Vidhya Nagar
    Savind Sahkari Grah Rachana
    Tingre Nagar, Pune 411032
    Vishal Moharikar E-mail: vishalmoharikar@gmail.com
    B.E. (I.T.) Mob: 91-9975594986

    • To climb the corporate ladder by utilizing the present intrapersonal skill and by enhancing them
    with new experiences.
    • To achieve a career that raises my professional graph and also enhances my personality.

    Work Experience
    Working as Software Developer in Modular Info-Tech Pvt. Ltd. from April 2007 to till date.
    Roles & Responsibility: Implementation of appropriate business logics to meet project to its new capabilities. Writing the test case and executing them for unit and integration level testing.

    Project Summary
    1. Shree-Lipi Installer
    Tools & Technologies used : Delphi 5.0,C++
    Project Description: Installs entire Shree-lipi package to the user’s machine as per the selected type of installation. This is a lock based utility to secure the software by piracy.
    Key Features:
    • Calculates the required space for installation.
    • Roll-back facility is provided; if user terminates the installation in between.
    • Recovery procedure is provided if installation was terminated unexpectedly wiz due to power failure.
    • Reinstallation; if user wants to install new features or repair installed features.
    2. Modular Font Manager
    Tools & Technologies used : Delphi 5.0,C++
    Project Description: Installs/uninstalls the fonts to the user’s machine.
    Key Features:
    • List out all installed fonts and installs selected fonts of different layouts provided with package.
    • Temporary font installation.
    • Read job facility for RTF and Page maker files.
    3. Talika Spread Sheet
    Tools & Technologies used : Delphi 5.0, Visual FoxPro
    Project Description: Talika is office use software having multiple language support; specially designed for Indian languages.
    Key Features:
    • Tabular representation of data.
    • Most commonly used mathematical, statistical, trigonometric calculations.
    • Most commonly used string operation.
    • Pre-defined templates for quick start.
    4. Language Dictionary
    Tools & Technologies used : Delphi 5.0, Visual FoxPro
    Project Description: Language dictionary is a huge database of English words, having their meanings in multiple Indian languages.

    5. Keyboard Simulator
    Tools & Technologies used : Delphi 5.0,C#
    Project Description: Having the facility of capturing the keyboard strokes and passing them to other applications. The application also creates keyboard files which contains the key strokes, reads those files and generates those key events to the desired application. Thus a virtual keyboard is generated.

    Professional Qualification
    Languages: C, C++, VB.Net, Delphi
    Database: SQL Server, Visual FoxPro
    Tools (Testing) : Win Runner, QTP
    Operating System : Windows (9X,XP & NT)

    • Software Testing (Manual and Automation) from Seed InfoTech, Pune.
    • Design & Implementation of Computer networks from Matrix Technologies, Jabalpur.

    Educational Qualification
    Degree/Course College/School Board/University Percentage
    B.E.(I.T.) Jabalpur Engineering college, Jabalpur. R.G.P.V. Bhopal 68.13
    H.S.C. IHSS, Lalburra. M.P. Board 74.2
    S.S.C. IHS, Lalburra. M.P. Board 78.8

    Personal Details
    Date of Birth : June 22, 1985
    Language Known : English, Hindi, Marathi
    Permanen t Address : Village- Ganeshpur, Post Bakoda (Lalburra)
    District: Balaghat (M.P.)
    Mobile No : 91-9975594986
    E-Mail ID : vishalmoharikar@gmail.com

    (Vishal Moharikar)

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