- Delphi developer 8yr 10mon

    Summary Profile:
    Over 8 years and 10 months of product/application development experience.
    Expertise in banking and accounting software development.
    Good off-shore software support expertise and problem solving skills.
    Total 2 years of Industrial electronics design & development experience.

    Technical Skills:
    Hardware: IBM PC and compatibles installation and maintenance.
    Operating Systems: DOS, Windows-98/2K/NT/XP/2003, Unix, Suse Linux 7.2
    Languages & Software: Delphi, Visual Basic, ASP, XML.
    Databases: SQL Server 7, Interbase, Oracle 8, MS Access, XML and Paradox 7.
    Reporting Tools: ReportBuilder-5, Quick Report, Ace-Report.
    Development Tools: IB-CONSOLE, IB-ADMIN, IB-EXPERT AND EMS Quick-Desk, CRS++

    Project Highlights:
    Working for UK based major telecom company.
    Healthcare product for US based Insurance company.
    Internet Banking Solution for US based banks and Credit unions.
    Vehicle dealer Stores Management System.
    Shares accounting system for co-operative bank.
    Controlling and real time monitoring of off-line UPS using COM ports.
    Online Banking System for co-operative bnak.
    Payroll, Provident Fund, Housing-Loan, Billing and Financial Accounting System.

    Personal Information:
    Valid UK work permit holder till September 2010.
    Valid VISA: For USA B1/B2 till 21st Feb. 2015 (10 years multiple entries.)
    E-Mail: patilabhijeetj@yahoo.com
    Cell: 00447944968035

    To have detailed resume, please email me at patilabhijeetj@yahoo.com

    You can contact Abhijeet Patil via this form

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