- Delphi/PHP Programmeur Availlable In Canada

    Michel Rochette

    Alberta & B.C. Phone: 250-551-3251

    Email: michel.rochette@hotmail.com


    Over 15 years of experience in IT including Delphi, PHP, ASP, Kylix, C, C++, Assembler, VB, Foxpro, Dbase, Interbase, Firebird, Paradox, Oracle, SQL, Network Design and Administration, Server Database Administration, Data Analysis/Modeling/Design, Systems Analysis, Development, Linux, Implementation & Maintenance, Project Management, Legacy System Maintenance and Update, Voice over IP, Video Over IP, Web Site Design Implementation and Management.


    • Delphi programming, debugging and support. Version 1 to XE3

    • Architectural Design, Bench Marking, Decision Making, Testing

    • Database Design, Modeling, Analysis with MsSql, Firebird, Oracle, MySQL

    • Test application/data generators for automated testing of various projects.

    • Web Design & Development in PHP, ASP, HTML, .Net, Web services etc.

    • Legacy Systems Maintenance and Debugging, Delphi, C, C++, Paradox etc.

    • Network Design and Maintenance, Linux Servers, Internet WAN Design


    1- CN Rail, Edmonton, AB Feb. 2013- Aug. 2013

      1.1 Complete redesign of the basic objects at the base of Rails 2000 following Object Oriented Principles.

      1.2 Design and coding of a TPC calculation engine flexible enough to incorporate the whole wish list of management such as distributed power, individual knuckle pressure and catastrophic failures calculations.

      1.3 Testing and QA of this software to working prototype level.


      1.4 This TPC engine and all the related objects are all in one unit of less than 5,000 lines of code including headers and comment. That is compared to the legacy code that numbers well over 150,000 lines.

    2- GeoPSI, Calgary AB Dec. 2012- Jan 2013

      2.1 Analysis of the requirements to build a down hole tool data analysis software.

      2.2 Design, coding and test of the first draft of this application.

    3- CN Rail Edmonton, AB July 2012- August 2012

      3.1 Analysis and evaluation of an old train simulator program written in 2004, Rails 2000.

      3.2 Recompile, updates, test and bug fixes to insure Windows 7 compatibility.

    4- Part time student Business Analyst Certificate January 2012 to July 2012

    Mount Royal University, Calgary. AB

    • Business Analysis - Overview

    • Enterprise Risk Management

    • Project Management-Overview

    • Solution Analysis

    • Process and Work Flow Modeling

    • Gathering and documentation Requirements

    • Solution Validation And Assessments

    • Business Case and Opportunity Evaluation.

    • Final Business case study (In Progress)

    5- PawnShop 2000 Version 5.1. Jan. 2011 to On going


    • 5.1 Updates, improvements and testing on this pawn shop management system.

    5.2 Another update to version 5.2 was done Jan 2013.

    6- Prairie Bailiff Services, Calgary Alberta. May 2010 to Dec 2010 Responsibilities

    • 6.1 Emergency repair of a crashed Paradox system.

  • 6.2 Rewrite the same system as a LAMP setup, handling the recording and

  • printing of the various forms, warrants and reports in that business.

    • 6.3 Reworked the Security Cameras PVR system to make useable.

      6.4 Build a “Bullet Proof” Linux OpenSuse 11 server to host the internal

      applications of the company.

      6.5 Mastered Codeigniter, Jquery and AJAX all at once to extend the package

      “PHP Point of Sale”

      for use in a Bailiff Services environment.

      6.6 Fixed a bug in the open source “WeBid” package, effectively updating the

      software to support upcoming auctions and set up the site “3bids.ca” ready

      for use, with it.


      6.7 This system has been running flawlessly ever since...

    7- Blue heron Software, Kingston, On (Remote position) Sept 2009 to May 2010

      7.1 Review and test the software to obtain US HL7 accreditation.

      7.2 Debugging

      7.3 Learned HL7 and Web Services in depth

      7.4 Wrote development plan and alternates options with cost and time tables

      7.5 Written an HL7 compatible interface to import/export patients data

    8- PawnShop2000 Version 5.0 December 2008 to May 2009

      8.1 Convert this legacy application from BDE Based to Client Server On Firebird

    9- Bow Networks, Calgary, Alberta November 2008 to December 2008

    Contractor Programmer

      9.1 Design and Code a math parser component to translate user input into a machine understandable string for use on a SCADA device.

      Eg: Turn “A OR ( B AND C AND ( E OR ( NOT F AND ( G OR H ) ) ) AND ( ( NOT I OR J ) OR ( K AND L ) ) )” Into this “|,A,&,&,&,B,C,|,E,&,!,F,|,G,H,|,|,!,I,J,&,K,L”

      9.2 Built Testing Software with Dunit.


      This system has been running flawlessly ever since...

    10- PDF Translator Project (Remote Work) December 2007 to May 2008

    Contractor Programmer

      10.1 Programming a Tool to translate text in PDF Files.

      10.2 Programming a MS Word Add-In tools to help with translation of mandatory terms.

    11- Track Info Systems, Saskatoon (Remote Work) August 2007 to December 2007

    Contractor Programmer

      11.1 Programming various applications as required.

      11.2 Mentoring and teaching the owner on object oriented programming techniques.

    12- Can-Am Kitchens, Calgary Alberta. June 2005 to Nov 2006

    It Director


      12.1 Complete and total responsibility of all computer related issues in a semi-automated kitchen manufacturing environment consisting of 37 computers from servers to single tasks machines.

      12.2 Stabilize and maintain the “cast in stone” legacy system.

      12.3 Production system testing and debug.

      12.4 Produce an accurate costing system “YESTERDAY!”.

      12.5 Hiring, supervision and mentoring of IT Personnel.

      12.6 Prepare and negotiate requests for equipments and software.


      12.7 I took over the facility after only 1 day training.

      12.8 Consolidated a system of 9 failure prone servers into a solid, reliable and redundant system of 3 Linux servers and 1 Windows 2003, dramatically reducing the number of system failures.

      12.9 Designed and created, in Delphi, using advanced OOP techniques, a fast and accurate parallel costing/quoting system out of data files of various formats, often containing faulty data, and improperly designed paradox tables. The management comments after the implementation of this system was: “I've never seen anything like this before”.

      12.10 Extended the parallel costing system to include 80% of the tasks done by the inherited system.

      12.11 Design and creation, in Delphi, of numerous other tools and utilities to assist in the maintenance of the legacy system.

      12.12 Complete test and overhaul of the entire network infrastructure such as wires, switches, routers etc.

      12.13 Reverse engineered and rebuilt in Delphi the interface between the legacy control system and Quickbooks Enterprise 2001 Canadian version.

      12.14 Complete automation of daily system maintenance task such as Backups, Quickbooks updates etc.

      12.15 Setup of a remote access system to give me complete control over any computer from my house.

      12.16 24/7/365 monitoring and administration of this environment.

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi 5 & 6, Firebird, Paradox, Windows 98 to XP, Window Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Linux Mandrake, Linux Mandriva, Paradox.

    Construction Contracting April 2003 to April 2004

    ***Nothing related to computers.

    Contracting as Bytewise Inc., Alberta, Canada. 1995 to March 2003

    President, Analyst and Software Designer/Developer

    List of contracts:

    13- GE Power Systems Sept 2002 - Nov 2003


      13.1 Legacy code maintenance, testing, salvage and documentation.

      13.2 Design and coding of specialized web server for internal use.

      13.3 Writing coding standard proposal document.

      13.4 Writing user manuals.

      13.5 Custom Hardware/Software testing and troubleshooting.

      13.6 Testing of unfamiliar hardware SCADA equipment.

      13.7Overseeing, managing and mentoring a team of Indian programmers (Tata, India).

      13.8 Being the “Mission Impossible Task force”


      13.9 Pulled off every single task assigned to me, even the IMF style ones.

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi 5 & 6, Paradox, Windows 98 to XP, Window Server 2000, C Builder 5, Visual Basic, XML

    14- Ampwise, Personal Project June - July 2002


      14.1 Design ,code and test of a specialized DJ application.


      14.2 Successfully build a reliable application using Fmod Dll to play and mix Ogg and MP3 formats files in a commercial dance club.

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi 5 & 6, Fmod Dll.

    15- Cambuddys.com, Personal Project May 2001 - Jan 2002


      15.1 Design, code and test of a commercial live web camera site with sound, file exchange etc.

      15.2 Design stress testing applications to simulate high volume of traffic on the site.


      15.3 Successfully built it. And operated without outage for over 3 months. I also got great reviews on the speed and quality of the site.

    Technical Environment

    • Linux Mandrake 9.1, Apache 1.3, PHP 4.x, Kylix 1, Delphi 5, Interbase 6.01

    16- Eyeonstuff.com, Calgary, Alberta. May 2001 - Jan 2002


      16.1 Conception, design and realization of the HTTP and FTP servers and the video streaming client.

      16.2 Design and Development of a video streaming client application in Delphi using WDM Active show technology from Microsoft.

      16.3 Testing and quality assurance.

      16.4 Design stress testing applications to simulate high volume of traffic on the site.


      16.5 Successfully built it with ASP/SQL Server 2000 on Win2k.

      16.6 Site conversion from ASP/SQL Server 2000 on Win2k to PHP/Interbase 6.01/Apache on Linux Mandrake 8.1

      16.7 Hosted and operated BUG FREE the latest version for over 3 years.

    Technical Environment

    • ASP, SQL Server 2000, Win2k Server, PHP, Interbase 6.01,Apache, Linux Mandrake 8.1

    17- Ashton Jenkins Mann, Calgary, Alberta. 2001


      17.1 Conception, Design and Realization of a petroleum properties evaluation system on the intranet model.


      17.2 Successfully built and tested a good prototype.

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi, COM+, ASP, SQL 7, Interbase 6.01/Linux, MsSQL.

    18- SAIT, Calgary, Alberta. 2001


      18.1 Designed an Intensive 5-Day Courses on Delphi.

      18.2 Teach the course in three consecutive sessions.


      18.3 I was considered, from the comments of the students, an excellent teacher with a profound knowledge of my subject.

    19- BJ Services Canada (former Nowsco-Fracmaster) Jan 2000 to June 2000


      19.1 “Finalling” and final QA of Circa 13, see previous 1998 project.


      19.2 I succeeded in six months where an engineer with a Phd had tried for a year.....

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi, Win NT 4, Win 98, Orpheus.

    20- Net Shepherd Inc, Calgary, Alberta. Jan 1999 to Dec. 1999


      20.1 Originally, my responsibility was to code in Delphi according to design documents and standards.

      20.2 Quickly became: Modification, debugging, design, redesign, test and implementation of various modules and components constituting the middle layer of a complex multi-tier system.

      20.3 Oversee all aspects of the system.

      20.4 Test and Troubleshooting problems with all modules of the system.

      20.5 Assist in correction of the design documents.

      20.6 Design stress testing applications to simulate high volume of traffic and transactions on the site.

      20.7 Performance test of the system.


      20.8 I went from coder to lead programmer in less than 6 weeks.

      20.9 Completely redesigned and coded the Ballot Collection System. This High Performance multi-threaded Web Server application serves URL from the Oracle database to the remote clients and gather back the rating data. Both server and client components were adaptation of the Winshoes components, modified to handle XML and work through firewalls. Test Data showed this application capable of sustaining over 125 hits per seconds on a Pentium II class server.

      20.9 There were many others that I would be happy to discuss further.

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi, Com, DCOM, Midas, Corba, ASP, Oracle, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, XML, FTP and SMTP.

    21- FCC, United States Government (Remote Contract). Dec 1998

    TmsHook project.


      21.1 Development of a Delphi component to allow monitoring of the mouse movement, position and mouse button status over any application running on the desktop.


      20.2 I successfully delivery this product in less than a month

    Technical Environment

    • Win 98, NT4, Delphi.

    22- FCC, United States Government (Remote Contract). Dec 1998

    Translation project.


      22.1 Translation of a radio wave frequency scanning utility from VB to Delphi.


      22.3 I successfully delivered this product in less than a month

    Technical Environment

    • Win 98, NT4, Delphi.

    23- NOWSCO Oil Well Services, Calgary, Alberta May 1998 to Dec 1998

    Project Circa 13


      23.1 Modifications/Salvage of a legacy complex GUI fronting several engineering DLLs.

      23.2 Completion of a complex generic Object Oriented memory structure


      23.3 Completion of a complex set of components based on Orpheus to complement the memory structure.

      23.4 Maintenance of legacy code.


      23.5 This is where I truly “grokked” the OOP concepts.

      23.6 I succeeded in all assigned tasks.

    Technical Environment

    • Win 98, NT4, Delphi 3 & 4

    24- NOVA Gas Transmission, Edmonton, Alberta May 1997 to Nov 1997


      24.1 Built from specifications, in Delphi, an application to keep track of the various containers used in gas, liquids and solid samples testing across Alberta.


      24.2 While the software performed flawlessly the hardware, a wireless bar code reader, never worked to specification.

    Technical Environment

    • Win 98, NT4, Delphi 3 and 4

    25- Piccol. (Personal Project) 1997


      25.1 Built A picture viewer, sorter with presentation utility, Video Capture, Slide show, Picture display fitted to available screen resolution, Scripted slide shows, file moving, deleting, renaming, print previewing and active thumb prints.

    25.2 This application was derived from a test application made to bring in photo identification into Pawnshop 2000


      25.3 I succeeded, and still use this program today!

    Technical Environment

    Delphi 3 to 6, Win NT 4, Win 98.

    26- United Protection Services, Edmonton, Alberta May, June 1997


      26.1 Design, Built and test an application, used in the security/protection industry to automate the check points data and reports collected by security guards.


      26.2 Worked very well until some lazy guard figured out how to print his own check point bar code...

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi 1, Bar Code Printing, Data Import/Export to/from Psyion Organiser II with bar code reader attachment, Paradox.

    27- Bill_it. (Personal Project) 1996


      27.1 Design, built and test an easy to use invoicing system framework for small business or self-employed individual that can be used as a base to develop custom invoicing system.


      27.2 I still use this software to do my invoices today.

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi 3 to 6, Win NT 4, Win 98 to XP, Paradox.

      28- Pawnshop 2000 Sept 1995 to Nov 1998


      28.1 Design, build ans test a complete multi-user pawn shop management system.


      28.2 This software is still widely used today across Canada and the US, Last updated to version 5.2 in Jan 2013.

    Technical Environment

    • Delphi 1 to 6, Win NT 4, Win 95 to Window 8, Paradox to Firebird.

    29- Personal Tax Services Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta Tax Seasons 90 to 94


      29.1 Conception testing and operation of an Alberta wide Network to transfer E-File ready Tax Return to/from various remote locations.

      29.2 Systems tests, proof of concept

      29.3 Conception and design of test applications.

      29.4 Conception and design of test data generators.


      29.5 That system worked so well that 2 H&R Block franchises were using us instead of the H&R Block network.

      29.6 Set-up, tear down and testing of that system over 4 tax seasons.

    Technical Environment

    • Fidonet based and required multiple utilities to be designed and built using Pascal and C++. Dos 5 + and or OS/2.

    30- United Protection Services Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, 1990


      30.1 Design, build and test a payroll system to accommodate the complex requirements of variable rates of pay and bonuses..


      30.2 Worked very well.

    Technical Environment

    • Dos 5.0+ Language Dbase3+, FoxPro

    31- Altech Electronics and Games, Edmonton, Alberta, 1985 to 1987


      31.1 Conception, software design and testing for all projects in the use of a proprietary smart controller board.


      31.2 Wrote the following apps: Light Show, Valve Control, Simple Alarm System for this Controller.

    Technical Environment

    • Z80 Assembler

    32- Olympic Wholesales Cars Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta. 1984


      32.1 Design and conception of basic inventory system for a used cars dealer.


      32.2 Amazing what a 2K program can do....

    Technical Environment

    • CP/M, 8080 Assembler

    Public Web Site Created and Under Management

    http://www.itcalgary.com since 2003

    http://www.pawnshop2000.com since 2003

    http://www.healing4recovery.com since 2012

    http://www.warrickschool.com since 2013

    http://www.famh.ca since 2013


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