- Experienced Delphi professional Ver

    Curriculum Vitae
    Secure a challenging position in a progressive atmosphere with avenues to utilizing my skills and better learning prospects.
    • 13+ Years of Development experience using Versions of Delphi (Version 1-2005)
    • Product Development Life Cycle Worked through complete.
    • Object Oriented Programming Structure.
    • Good grip on SQL and RDBMS like MySQL, MS SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 8.03/8.04/8i, Sybase Adaptive Server 11, Interbase
    • Exposed to Software Quality Procedures, Configuration Management
    • Hands on experience in Crystal Reports, Ms Visual SourceSafe, Ms Visual Test, XML, WAP, UML, Rational Rose, Pretty Good Privacy
    Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000, UNIX, & Linux
    GUI: Delphi (Version 1.0 – 2007), MS Visual Test, and Crystal Reports
    RDBMS: Ms SQL Server 7.0, Oracle (8.03 - 04), Oracle 8i, MySQL, Sybase Adaptive Server 11.5, Ms SQL Server and Interbase
    Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Basic and FORTRAN, Turbo Pascal, Delphi
    Conceptual Language: Structured System Analysis and Design
    Methodology Tools: UML, XCASE, Rational Rose
    I did Corporate Training for the Scientists/ Programmers of Indian Space Research Organization [ISRO] on Borland Delphi Client Server 1.0 in the year 1998.
    I did Corporate Training for two Senior Team Leaders of EFON India behalf of Corpex Solutions on Borland Delphi 7 in the year 2007.
    I did Corporate Training for twelve Members of Wipro Technologies on Borland Delphi 7 in the year 2007.
    I did Corporate Training for two Members of Infosys Technologies Limited on Borland Delphi 5 in the year 2007.
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Course completed.
    Professional Diploma in Software & Systems Management from NIIT Ltd Bangalore
    Delphi 3 Programmer Certified from Brain Bench.
    Delphi 5 Programmer Certified from Brain Bench.
    Delphi 6 Programmer Certified from Brain Bench.
    Microsoft .NET what it Means to IT Certified from Gyanodya Virtual Campus.
    An Overview of Database Design Certified from Gyanodya Virtual Campus.
    The Database Design Methodology Certified from Gyanodya Virtual Campus.
    Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Certified from Gyanodya Virtual Campus.
    Oracle Database Fundamentals I/II Certified from Gyanodya Virtual Campus.


    Sonata Software Limited. (Feb 2008 – Till Date)
    Web Site Reference: http://www.sonata-software.com/
    Job Role: Project Leader / consultant
    Skill sets: Delphi 7, Crystal Reports
    Avery Dennison’s Info Chain Express (ICE Client V2.5) is an application to support the Supply Chain management. The Factory users mainly use ICE Client system. The services provided by the ICE client includes handling the purchase orders raised by different buyers, Ticket ordering, packing plans, printing carton labels, Scanning cartons and creating the Pre-ASN files. It also provides the facility to upload the ticket orders, carton label orders, Pre-ASN (Advance Shipment Notice) files and WIP (Work-In-Progress) files to the ICE web.

    Dalason I.T.O. Services. India. Private, Limited. (Jan 2006 – Jan 2008)
    Web Site Reference: http://www.dalason.com/
    Job Role: Project Leader
    Skill sets: Delphi 7/2005
    • Project leader
    A Private Branch exchange (also called PBX, Private Business exchange or PABX for Private Automatic Branch exchange) is a telephone exchange that is owned by a private business, as opposed to one owned by a common carrier or by a telephone company.

    PSI Data Systems Limited (Sep 2004 – Nov 2005)
    Web Site Reference: http://www.psidata.com/
    Job Role: Project Leader
    Skill sets: Delphi 6/7, Oracle 8i, and Oracle 7
    • Assigned as Consultant, ‘Crown Agents, London, worked on [Trade Information Management System - TIMS] in London/Angola – Africa.
    • PSI Trade Finance [ING Vysa Bank Trade Finance Project]

    Affiliated Computer Services of India (P) Ltd. (From Jan 2003 to October 2004)
    Web Site Reference: http://www.acs-inc.com/india
    Job Role: Senior Programmer / Team Leader
    Skill sets: Delphi Version 7.0, Kylix 3.0, Ms SQL Server 7.0, [PGP] Pretty Good Privacy, RX Delphi components, Zip Master Delphi components.

    Worked on:
    o Project: GM Print Filter
    The focus of this Project was to develop one single Application that helps the Privileged User/s to configure New Report(s). This application allows user to visually configure data for identifying and parsing (or sorting) these reports. The Application was so profound to allow the User split the Report (example: splitting the report into different sections like header, footer, etc.) as required. The Application helped the User to manage and monitor the Reports in an enhanced pace unlike in the then existing application that used ‘Pearl Script’ which was slow. The ‘Generic Report Tracking’ mechanism was one among the Highlights of this Application developed.

    o [PGP] Pretty Good Privacy Application
    The data entry Files created and transmitted to varied locations across continents had to have security so they used Encrypt and Decrypt using [PGP] Pretty Good Privacy for this. I did an application, which used PGP components in Delphi for this. The ‘Security using PGP’ was one among the Highlights of this Application developed.

    o File Comparison Windows/Linux
    Application was Delphi for windows and Kylix for Linux to compare File operation performance on Windows and Linux operating systems. Files created varied size of 10K, 100K and 1 MB under a directory then those files read and written sub directories. Time taken was analysed for File creation in Windows and Lynix Operating Systems.
    Roles and Responsibilities
    • Created an Application to Encrypt and Decrypt of files
    • Created an Application to Insert Tiff Images in PDF

    Cybernet Software Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. (From Jul 2001 to 2002 Jan)
    Web Site Reference: http://www.cybernetsoft.com/contact.html
    Job Role: ‘Deputy Manager – Product’
    Skill sets: Delphi Version 5.0/6.0, Quick Reports and Lotus Notes/ Domino

    Worked on Products:
    o Product: IntelliPRINT PLUS For Notes
    The Beacon Award winning IntelliPRINTPLUS is an advanced printing and reporting utility solution for the Lotus Notes/Domino platform. IntelliPRINTPLUS integrates with the Notes Workspace and allows the end user to design reports and produce sophisticated output based on Notes data.

    o Product: IntelliPRINT PLUS For Domino
    This enables you to access the domino server and serve Reports and Precise Printable outputs from a domino application to a browser. Reports and formats, accessed over the web for clients accessing that database, for previewing / printing through browser client.
    Roles and Responsibilities
    • I did the Development and enhancement of products IntelliPRINT PLUS for Lotus Notes and IntelliPRINT PLUS for Lotus Domino.
    • I prepared the Work Breakdown Structure for these products.
    • Before releasing the shipment I did the review of the code done by the sub ordinates
    • I developed the Query Builder tool for the InteVIEW product.

    Vision Computing (India) Pvt. Ltd. from Aug 2000 to Jul 2001
    Web Site Reference: http://www.e-genre.com/contact.htm
    Job Role: ‘Project Leader’
    Skill Sets: Delphi Version 5.0, Dev Express Components, Interbase, Quick Reports, Crystal Reports 7 and XCASE Data Modeling Tool
    Worked on Product:
    o Product: ‘Merlan’ was a product for German Clients.
    The scope of this Project is to bring out the necessary requirements to computerize the activity of the construction industry. The Craftsman (Contractor/Architect) gets the enquiry from the Architects/Customers for carrying out the specific piece of work and he maintains his activities in a conventional book keeping in a scientific reliable basis.
    Roles and Responsibilities
    • Coordinating with the Project Manager who was at the Clients Place in Germany I managed a Team of eight members for development of the product.
    • Prepared Functional Specification, Technical Specification, Unit Test Plan, Integration Test Plan for this product
    • Developed and Maintained the Database by using third party tool called Xcase.
    • For the modules in the project, I Prepared of Work Breakdown Structure.
    • ‘Dev Express’ components for Delphi.
    • Maintained work status registers and work in progress registers.

    Visual Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd from Jul 1997 to 2000 Aug
    Web Site Reference: http://www.vwebsol.com/welcome.htm
    Job Role: ‘Senior Programmer Analyst’
    Skill Sets: Delphi Version 3/4/5, Oracle 8/8.03/8.04/8i, Sybase Adaptive Server 11.0, Interbase 3/4, Quick Reports, Ms Visual Test, Ms Visual Source Safe and Rational Rose 2000.
    Worked on Trade Navigator
    This product is a Multi Bank, multi Branch; Multi Currency system developed on Delphi using the Borland’s MIDAS technology and can be deploy on both CORBA and DCOM. It is a proven, scalable and robust application. Trade Navigator is a backend product, for large banks in their Trade finance department. Trade finance includes dealing in Export and Import Letters of Credit Stand by Letters of Credit, Documentary and Cheque Collections, Bills Financing, Reimbursements and Foreign Exchange contracts. The Client Server version of the product is live for Dresdner Bank, Singapore and International Bank of Japan (IBJ) New Jersey, USA and Many other Trade Finance Banks.

    Roles and Responsibilities
    • Designed & Implemented new User interfaces in the Operations Module using Delphi VCL Technology
    • Created and implemented many of the Business Objects of Trade Finance Modules like Letter of Credit, Documentary Collections etc
    • Designed many of the dependent modules for our product and monitor their development.
    • For the Requirement I Designed of Databases for the client application
    • Created Visual Test Scripts
    • Administration and maintenance of the databases in Sybase, Oracle and Interbase

    Name: Vijay Kumar .K (A.K.A Ronald Vijay)
    Residential Address: #13, 16th Cross,
    I.T.I Layout, Benson Town Post,
    Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
    Phone No Residence: +91 80 23331534
    Mobile: +91 (0) 9845517423
    Passport No: A7408316 (Traveled to New Zealand, USA, UK, Africa and UAE)
    E-mail: ronaldvijay@gmail.com

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