- Looking for Position in Delphi7 with SQL Server as database

    Seeking a position that will allow me to make an impact in the direction of the company. Seeking to work with a talented team that fosters an
    environment for knowledge sharing and technical/professional growth. Proven experience in Internet and Client/Server technology with strong VB-6.0
    and Delphi-7 background.

    Dec'05 - Till Date Bally Technologies, Chennai.
    Oct'04 - Dec'05 iSoft, Chennai.
    Feb'04 – Oct'04 Novell Team,Bangalore.
    Sep'01 - Feb'04 Bluechip Infoway Pvt.Ltd. Bangalore.
    Apr'99 - Aug'01 CYRATRON Techmation and Oilex Systems Ltd. Goa

    GUI Delphi 5/6/7, Visual Basic 6.0
    OS Windows 9X,WindowsNT and Dos
    Languages C, C++, PL/SQL
    Database SQL Server, Oracle 8i
    Internet Tech. HTML.

    B.E Electrical From Regional Engineering College, Silchar (Assam) in 1998 With 61% .

    1. MCC-OCM
    Role: Team Leader
    Front End: Delphi 7, C#.Net
    Back End: MS-SQL Server
    MCC-OCM is casino management software. To support various activities in a casino MCC-OCM has got various modules to support various activities. Following are some of those modules:
    Protect: To manage or to assign access permission to users according to their requirement. Setup-OCM: To set up the environment and necessary settings required for Casino.
    VIPlayer: Keep tracks the information about a player and about his gaming activities inside the casino.

    2. Synergy
    Role : Development and Support for Synergy.
    Front End: Delphi3, VB6.0.
    Back End: MS-SQL Server.
    Synergy is the flagship clinical system of iSoft. Synergy provides means of recording all your patient notes, issuing scripts, checking for drug interactions, running complex reports, creating letters - to name but a few. The backbone of Synergy's clinical notes database are Read Codes, which in turn are linked to the Multilex drug database (largest and most comprehensive drug database in the UK). Synergy supports a number of add-on products such as PRODIGY, MIQUEST and Appointments, and can also communicate with external agencies like Health Authorities and laboratories via the Links suite of software.

    3. Indipad
    Team Size: Two
    Front End: Delphi7
    Role: Development and Testing
    Indipad is a basic text editor that you can use to create documents. The most common use for Indipad is to view or edit text files. The Indipad
    provides greater flexibility when working with documents that use different languages like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu etc.
    The input to Indiad is always english and according to language selected by user, it converts english character to selected language, so there is no
    need of Installing different languages, the only requirement is the Font which supports Unicode.

    4. PROFIT 5RM ®
    Client: Bluechip Infoway Private Limited
    Team Size: Ten
    Front End/Back End: Delphi6, Java, Oracle8i, PostGres, My-SQL, MS-SQLRole: Development And Testing
    A revolutionary tool that can build business solution in an extremely short period, facilitating to manage the key resources-Men, Material, Money,
    Time and Knowledge. Which form the core of enterprise without writing a single line of code. PROFIT 5RM becomes operational the moment
    requirements of an enterprise are defined. Solutions in the ERP, CRM, & SCM can be built and implemented with an enormous saving in cost and time.

    5. Profit5RM Utilities Programs
    Client: Bluechip Infoway Private Limited
    Team Size: 3
    Environment: Delphi6, Oracle8i/MS SQL-Server/MS-Access.
    Role: Development And Testing
    A set of independent tools, which are needed to add extra functioning for Profit5RM on the fly.
    Modules involved –
    Simple Information View Builder
    A smart user-friendly tool that enables an inexpert to build any kind of complex MIS reports on the fly by hiding all the complexities.

    Migration Tool (ver 6.5 to 7.2)
    A simple fully automated tool to migrate products from lower version to higher version (To any Backend).

    SQL Converter
    A fast query conversion tool to make queries compatible with one database to another.

    6. MasterScribe®
    Client: NPS-Bangalore, Garda-Pune
    Team Size: Six Role: Sr. Programmer
    Duration : 3 Months
    Front End/Back End: VB6,ASP,Oracle8
    It's workflow management software for Medical Transcription companies.
    The product takes care of the workflow right from downloading voice files! From the FTP servers to uploading transcribed documents based on the
    Individual needs of hospitals or doctors. It has a inbuilt sound player which can be operated by a foot pedal giving convenience of uninterrupted
    typing to the medical transcriptionist (MT). Comparison can be done
    between the documents typed by MT and the proofreader allowing the management to rate the MT and calculate accuracy. Different reports are
    provide status of the work to the management as well as the client over internet. A unique training module is developed to train MTs for the work.

    7. Production Management
    Client: Cyratron, Goa
    Team Size: Four Role: Programmer
    Duration: 6 Months
    Front End/Back End: VB 6 / Oracle 8
    This software implements ISO-9002 specifications for Purchase order, Material! issue and Job allocation for the Production and maintenance of Jobs.
    It covers the entire production cycle from quotation to invoice. The modules in the project include Marketing, Purchase, Logistics, Production and
    Stock. Many MIS reports are developed for people working at different levels.

    8. Geologger
    Client: ONGC India Ltd.
    Team Size: Six
    Role: Programmer
    Duration: 4 Months
    Front End/Back End: VB 6 / MS-Access
    GUI Software, which communicates with Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) for mud logging. The communication is done through RS232 communication
    port. This displays online data based on different parameters. Calibration of different parameters, setting of alarms and alerts for each parameters is
    a feature built in the software.

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