- More than 3 years 3 tier architecture Experiance in Delphi



    Course Content- Semester II - Second Half (Following)
    # Financial Management
    # Managing Information
    # Strategic Management

    Course Content- Semester II - First Half
    # Human Resource Management
    # Operations Management
    # Marketing

    Course Content- Semester I - Second Half
    # Contemporary Management Thoughts
    # Managerial Economics
    # Financial Reporting & Management Control Systems

    Course Content- Semester I - First Half
    # Organizational behaviour
    # Business Statistics
    # Management Process & Practice

    1998-2002 Bachelor of Science - Special Degree in Statistics

    Passed the SPECIAL DEGREE EXAMINATION IN SCIENCE held in 2002, offering STATISTICS as the special subject and qualified for the DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE obtaining the FIRST CLASS HONORS.

    Course contents-Fourth Year

    @ Advance Statistical inference
    @ Time Series Analysis
    @ Categorical Data Analysis
    @ Generalized Liner Models
    @ Stochastic Processes & Applications
    @ Multivariate Analysis
    @ Individual Project (Double Unit)
    @ Industrial Training & Statistical Practical

    Course contents-Third Year

    @ Management
    o Principles of Management
    o Planning of Control Decisions
    o Financial Management
    o Marketing Case Analysis
    @ Industrial Statistics
    o Quality Control
    o Operational Research
    @ Sampling Methods and Survey Theory
    @ Regression Analysis
    @ Design and Analysis of Experiments
    @ Statistical Inference
    @ Medical Statistics
    @ Mathematical Method
    @ Statistical Practical

    Course contents-1st & 2nd Year

    @ Computer Science & Statistics
    o Data Structure & Algorithms
    o Pascal Language
    o Program Design
    o Survey Designing & Statistical Methods

    @ Applied Mathematics
    o Microcomputer Applications
    o Differential Equations & Classical Mechanics
    o Vectors & Matrices
    o Statistical Inference

    @ Physics
    o AC Theory
    o Electronics & Electro Magnetic Theory
    o General Physics and Modern Physics
    o Optics


    @ Associated Member British Computer Society
    @ Six Sigma Black Belt - NIBM, Sri Lanka Project Leader of the Six sigma Project, to reduce the JB Trap Strap Production Process wastages
    @ Six Sigma Green Belt Holder-Project Leader of the Six sigma Project, to Improve the JB Tea collection Process.


    3. 1. Research

    Role played in the following project

    Experimental Designer/Project Leader/ Research Analyst

    Being as Industrial Statistician - JB securities (Pvt) Limited, Colombo-14.

    Financial Management - Stock Market Analysis

    a)Efficient Frontier CAPM Model and portfolio allocation for the Sri Lanka Stock Market, which is more useful to find out the efficient allocation of shares from the listed companies
    b)Index Decomposition of the Sri Lankan Stock market major indexes, which is a practical tool to find out the individual Security price effect on the Index
    c)Security Market Line (SML) for Sri Lanka Stock market which is valuable to find out the undervalued, overvalued and properly valued share prices of listed companies.
    d)Manual Calculation of Beta/Return for individual securities for the Sri Lankan Stock Market
    e)Manual calculation of Sri Lanka Stock Market Indexes such as Health Index, All share Price Index, Millanaka Price Index
    f)Design a Credit control system for the company clients using Value at Risk Methodology.

    Industrial Management - Manufacturing

    g)An Experiment to find out the wastages involved with the company Tea collection Process and Causes of Trap Strap (Special Rubber Belt) production Process wastages
    h)Developed a Statistical Methodology to evaluate the whole process of manufacturing coir ropes.
    i)Multifactor ANOVA Application for Fibre Twisting Machine Output
    j)Application of Wilcoxon Matched Pair Signed Rank test for Moisture content.
    k)Applications of Gauge RR Experiment for the measurements of Tea weighting Scale to determine the measurement error of the Scale
    l)A study to Identifying the variation of mean rope Diameter between two measurement methods

    3.2. Information Technology
    Assistant Manager, Analytics - HSBC data processing Lanka Ltd, Rajagiriya. (Aug 2008- TODATE)

    Role played in the following project
    Analyst Programmer/System Designer/Database Designer
    Being as
    Industrial Statistician - JB securities (Pvt) Limited, Colombo-14. (DEC 2002- AUG 2008)
    a)Web based system which integrates the Efficient Frontier CAPM Model and portfolio allocation for the Sri Lankan Stock Market- ASP.Net
    - System analysis and Design
    - User requirements Definition
    - Programming

    b)Coir Production Evaluation system- Delphi 3 Tier Architecture
    c)Inventory control system for the Engineering Stores V Delphi 3 Tier Architecture
    d)Coir Production Monitoring And Evaluation system- ASP.Net

    Analyst Programmer(Part time)-Stafford Motor Co. Ltd, Colombo-10.(DEC 2002-FEB 2004)
    d) The System Automation of the Stafford Motor company Limited-Visual Basic 6
    -Systems analysis
    -User requirements Definition
    -Process re- engineering
    -Systems Control Analysis


    SAS/ SPSS/ S-Plus/ MINITAB/ MetaStock/ Microsoft Office Products/ Microsoft Interdev/ ACE Report/ Seagate Crystal Reports 8.5/7.0
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 & 7.0/ Microsoft Access 97 and 2000
    VB.Net / Visual Basic/ VB Scripts/ Delphi
    @ WEB
    HTML/ ASP.Net
    Microsoft DOS/ Windows 98, 2000, XP

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