- Offer Delphi PHP Offshore Dev

    Experience since 1993
    Delphi 1 - Delphi 7
    Php 4-5 applications
    Databases - Paradox , mySQL 3.x-5 , interbase , firebird ,
    postgres , msSQL
    Reporting tools experiences : Quick report , Report builder ,
    Report Manager,free/Fast report and Crystal report
    Experinces Client/Server environment
    Country Club resort & membership system ,
    Freight,Shipping and Logistic membership system ,
    Workshop management system ,
    Payroll , Human Resource and Time Clock management system,
    Media and Design ,
    FNB and Point of Sales System for retail & restaurant ,
    Web messenger - using ics and icq,Jabbler protocol to communicate
    transfer files using http/ftp
    Property Management System

    Project management and Software Development discipline/methodology
    Methodology : ICONIX IID Process + Agile Methodology
    Testing methodlogy - FLOOT , Full Life Cycle Object Oriented Testing Methodology

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