- Over 12+ years Delphi experience

    Jorge Rodriguez

    Systems software design and development


    • B. Sc. in Systems/Electronics Engineering
    • Over nine years experience in software development
    • Extensive experience in computer systems analysis and software design
    • Borland products trainer (Delphi, C++ Builder, InterBase, Kylix)
    • Implementation and support for business applications
    • Object-Oriented Programmer
    • .NET - COM-DCOM technologies and Internet development
    • Hard working, creative and investigative
    • A+ certification


    Databases: InterBase, Oracle, Adabas, MS Access, SQL server, mySql.
    Programming Languages: Delphi, Kylix, C++ Builder, C#, PHP, XML, Natural, Python, Fortran.
    Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Linux, Solarix.
    Tools: Crystal Reports, Info Power, MapObjects.


    Contrator 2005, Logiforms, Vancouver
    • Add new functionalities to an existing commercial software (LogiBridge)
    • Extensively use of DLLs (Delphi, C++)
    please see LogiBridge

    Freelance Programmer 2005, Lomic Inc. Pennsylvania USA
    • Develop changes to an existing commercial software (Metercalc) in order to create a major release (from 4.2 to 4.8)

    Software Developer 2004, Uniques Software Corp., Vancouver, Canada.
    • Software developing, programming, testing, and debugging
    • Optimized existing code
    please see http://www.uniques.ca/gtmf.htm

    Business Analyst (2 mo contract) 2003, 3LOG Systems INC, Vancouver, Canada.
    • Software developing, programming, testing, and debugging
    • Analyze and find computer solutions to clients' information processing, database or computation needs
    • Analyze and write forestry business requirements specifications for computer

    Information Technology support A 2002, Vancouver School Board , Vancouver, Canada.
    (Special Education Technology-British Columbia (SET-BC))
    • Setting up Hardware and Software in computers to be used for people with disabilities

    Software Development Engineer 1998 - 2002, Alexander Von Humboldt Institute, Bogota, Colombia
    (research biological institute)
    • Responsible for the full life cycle of a variety of applications, from initial design through development, testing, deployment, and postdeployment maintenance
    • Developed an Object Oriented program designed to implement client/server applications rapidly
    • Analyzed current and existing systems for integration
    • Optimized existing code
    • Imported data from many formats, unifying several sources of information
    • Developed a program to validate typing, ensuring consistency of critical data
    • Accessed database using BDE, ADO, ODBC, Interbase and dbExpress
    • Implemented stored procedures, triggers, and functions to optimise processes
    • Trained final users to utilize developed software to maximum capacity

    Instructor 2001 - 2002, Masternet , Bogota, Colombia
    (Borland Valued Added Partner)
    • Taught Delphi Introduction, Delphi Database and Delphi Client/Server courses, following Borland courseware for professional development

    Systems analyst 1997 - 1998 Red Colombia, Bogota, Colombia
    • Analyzed, implemented and maintained financial information system for Bank of Colombia, specifically Consist FA (Inventory control, Brazilian software)
    • Imported data from prior system to ensure validation of the new requirements
    • Accessed ADABAS Databases through natural programs to modify and update information systems
    • Modified and maintained programs written by other programmers

    Software Development Engineer 1996 - 1997 Audisoft LTDA, Bogota, Colombia
    (Borland VAR at that time)
    • Presented and demonstrated Borland products to developers; substantially increased sales
    • Participated in application development projects using Delphi, Oracle, InterBase and Paradox
    • Responsible for answering client questions and resolving difficulties using Delphi
    • Developed demo prototypes using Delphi, increasing market share for Audisoft
    • Wrote DLLs using C language in order to improve mathematical processes
    • Taught Delphi Introduction, Delphi Database and Delphi Client/Server courses for professional development


    Web programming Certificate (in progress)
    BCIT, Vancouver, Canada.

    Internet Development with Delphi 6 Course 2002
    Infocan Management, Vancouver, Canada.
    Instructor: Michael Li

    Distributed Database Technology for Biodiversity Information 1999
    University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

    B. Sc. in Electronic Engineering 1997
    Universidad Distrital "Francisco Jose de Caldas", Bogota, Colombia.
    GPA: 3.85/5.00;Graduated 7th in class of 45 students

    B. Sc. in Systems Engineering 1995
    Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia.
    Undergraduate Thesis: Control system: Fuzzy logic control speed of D.C. engine


    Technical Reviewer for the book Delphi Cookbook

    A+ Certificate 2004

    Certified Delphi 3 Programmer from Brain Bench online Certification


    English, Spanish

    Canadian Citizen

    References Available Upon Request.

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