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    Ivan Markovic

    Ivan Markovic

    Easterncell Programming and Engineering

    Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

    Contact e-mail: ivanmrk@yahoo.com

    Site : www.easterncell.com

    Technical Summary

    Borland Delphi version 2 2006

    Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, Visual C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic

    Microsoft Windows API, System DLL Development

    Internet programming (Java, PHP, ASP, XML)

    Databases development (Oracle, Paradox, dBase, MS Access, SyBase, MSQL)

    Mathematical and Statistical functions (Stock Market Research). Participated in developing of Stock Trader program by Brainstorm Company


    Our company hires programmers and engineers in our country for all kinds of projects. We're in software business since '98 and we have lots of projects behind us.

    Offers the most professional, fast and inexpensive services.

    Complete CV available upon request

    Ivan Markovics short CV

    Company CEO since 2002


    Master of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

    Finished Mathematical Faculty in Belgrade

    Mastered on theme Security in software coding

    Languages: English, Italian and Serbian (Native)

    Work experience

    Established remote software computer company in '98 as one of the owners. Worked as computer programmer since then on over hundred of projects. Current position, CEO.

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